Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally! Rain! And how!

We had a pretty terrific thunderstorm this afternoon. Lots of marble to quarter size hail. Busted a hole in our one and only sky-light. I think for now I will depend on the good old fashioned redneck rescue tool, duck-tape to patch it. Looks like it will be a pain to fix it. Cheapo plastic. Rrrrrrrr.

The hard rain let me see how the terraces will work out. Looks pretty good except on the one that looks the most full. The near end may be a little low and will let it run out there. I thought building those terraces I had jinxed the rain for years and years. ;-)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We're through having kids

I thought I would try to post a couple of videos of the baby goats. It is mostly for Holly because she said baby goats were so cute. The video of the black goat was the last of the nannies to have kids. Those two were just about 30 minutes old when I took that video. Yes, she has just one horn. We think somebody tried to dehorn her and it didn't take on one side. She is a fun goat to have around.
(wow, it is a lot of trouble to put a video on here...)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From one "Big D" to another "Big D"

Big Dirtstorm that is. Last Thursday was about the worst windy dirtstorm I can ever remember. There were some reported gusts of 70mph in the area. And I believe it. It was horrible. It lifted our goat shed on end and flipped it over. This shed is 32 ft. long and it picked up one end and flipped it over on it's top. And tragically killed one of our baby goats. :-( I spent most of the middle of the day plowing to stop the dirt from blowing and missed lunch, just had enough time to come home and set the goat shed up, take a shower and leave for Dallas.

We had a nice stay in Dallas with everybody. We went to Rachel's school Friday, then stayed over at Aaron's and Holly's. And stayed with Rachel one night. We also went to the arboretum, Aaron's place of work, and the flight museum among several other things. Oh, and we played Rachel's Nintendo Wii a lot too. That thing is really cool. I don't think I will buy one though.

Dallas is a fun place to visit, but there is NO WAY I would ever live there. I thought the group picture turned out really cool, considering my arm was the tripod.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

No place like home.

I suppose everybody is getting tired of hearing about goats and trucking, but since it is NEVER GOING TO RAIN AGAIN, that is all I have to talk about. Maybe after we visit the Dallas relatives, I will have some stories to tell. Brian was wondering what we had in the truck so I took a couple of pictures while it was at the house. Try to ignore the huge stash of snacks in the second picture. Amanda does keep me from getting too much junk food. I have cereal and crackers and juice and apples. The plug in cooler is really nice, except it freezes your stuff sometimes at night when it gets cool.

I am not sure what we are going to do about an a/c for the sleeper this summer. We have an inverter that will run stuff like the tv, but I don't know if it has enough juice, and if the batteries will last long enough with an a/c. It does have an a/c that runs when the motor is running, but we can't afford to let the truck idle all night burning $4 diesel. We will figure something out. Luckily we don't stay in the truck more than one or two nights a week.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Nothing really new

I just wanted to put up a couple of pictures. Wow those are pretty small. I don't know if we could ever get all the kids together for one picture or not, without penning them all up. And I finally got my #s and stuff for the truck. Maybe you can kinda make out what is on the door. Oh, well I am still figuring out this new site.

All the babies so far are doing ok. I hope we can get all the kinks worked out before next weekend. 12 kids. And we still have 2 mamas to go!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goats coming out our ears.

I never expected to have so many twins born. Every nanny goat (except one) has had twins, with one having triplets. So we are up to 12 kids so far, with two mommas left. Now we are having some problems with the kids. One old nanny was in pretty poor shape, and we are not sure if she is giving any milk yet. We took one of her twins and hopefully "grafted" it onto the nanny that had one kid. She is a good strong one and should be able to handle the extra if she will accept it. Also one of the triplets is still a little slow learning how to nurse, but I think he will get it in another day or so. I will be glad when they are all nursing somewhere and they won't require so much attention. I will get some pictures up sometime when the wind isn't blowing so much and they all are looking good and clean.

Dawson is finishing his two loads for the week today, so I better write him another paycheck! He is doing a good job. It is working really well for us to trade out. The only problem is he has to stay down here once in a while and you know how it is trying to sleep in a different place every day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here I am!

OK, as soon as I said I didn't have enough time to mess with blogging, I had some time this afternoon to set up a new blog site. And say, I am liking blogger so far. I think I have a way to link to other blogs where it will update when they add to their blog. Here is the convoluted way I found to do it. First everybody has to allow blog feeds on their own blog for this to work. You can do that through Settings, Site Feed, Allow Blog Feeds. That is the default setting unless you have turned it off.

Go to the blog you want to link to, and scroll all the way to the bottom. And RIGHT click the "subscribe to:" link. Click "copy link location"

Then in your own blog layout screen, click "add page element" and find "feed" add to blog. Do a "paste" and save your settings. Ta-Da! It will show a link to that blog that will update whenever they update. Not quite as good as 360 but maybe it will work.

Oh, I don't know how to link to other blogs besides blogger yet, but I will work on it.

OK it is very similar, on a yahoo 360 blog, go to the bottom of the blog you want to link to and right click the orange "RSS" button and click "Copy Link Location" and paste it like I mentioned before. BUT, if the yahoo account doesn't allow this feature the orange button at the bottom will not be there. Ahem, Holly I can't link to your 360 account because of this. Also you may have to do it twice because of yahoo's glitchyness.