Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From one "Big D" to another "Big D"

Big Dirtstorm that is. Last Thursday was about the worst windy dirtstorm I can ever remember. There were some reported gusts of 70mph in the area. And I believe it. It was horrible. It lifted our goat shed on end and flipped it over. This shed is 32 ft. long and it picked up one end and flipped it over on it's top. And tragically killed one of our baby goats. :-( I spent most of the middle of the day plowing to stop the dirt from blowing and missed lunch, just had enough time to come home and set the goat shed up, take a shower and leave for Dallas.

We had a nice stay in Dallas with everybody. We went to Rachel's school Friday, then stayed over at Aaron's and Holly's. And stayed with Rachel one night. We also went to the arboretum, Aaron's place of work, and the flight museum among several other things. Oh, and we played Rachel's Nintendo Wii a lot too. That thing is really cool. I don't think I will buy one though.

Dallas is a fun place to visit, but there is NO WAY I would ever live there. I thought the group picture turned out really cool, considering my arm was the tripod.

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