Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goats coming out our ears.

I never expected to have so many twins born. Every nanny goat (except one) has had twins, with one having triplets. So we are up to 12 kids so far, with two mommas left. Now we are having some problems with the kids. One old nanny was in pretty poor shape, and we are not sure if she is giving any milk yet. We took one of her twins and hopefully "grafted" it onto the nanny that had one kid. She is a good strong one and should be able to handle the extra if she will accept it. Also one of the triplets is still a little slow learning how to nurse, but I think he will get it in another day or so. I will be glad when they are all nursing somewhere and they won't require so much attention. I will get some pictures up sometime when the wind isn't blowing so much and they all are looking good and clean.

Dawson is finishing his two loads for the week today, so I better write him another paycheck! He is doing a good job. It is working really well for us to trade out. The only problem is he has to stay down here once in a while and you know how it is trying to sleep in a different place every day.

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