Friday, April 4, 2008

Nothing really new

I just wanted to put up a couple of pictures. Wow those are pretty small. I don't know if we could ever get all the kids together for one picture or not, without penning them all up. And I finally got my #s and stuff for the truck. Maybe you can kinda make out what is on the door. Oh, well I am still figuring out this new site.

All the babies so far are doing ok. I hope we can get all the kinks worked out before next weekend. 12 kids. And we still have 2 mamas to go!


  1. Cool! If you click on the pictures on the post it opens them up really big in an new window. That is awesome that you got your name on your truck.

  2. Your OWN name on your truck! That is so very awesome. Have a great trip to the BIG D. Glad all the "kids" are doing well. Brian wants to know what all you have in your sleeper. He says it looks huge.

  3. The sleeper has a twin size bed, and some cabinets, and storage areas. We also have one of those plug-in Coleman coolers for our drinks and to keep our milk samples cold. You get some little bottles of the milk when you pick up a load and they test them at the plant. I think they are checking for antibiotics and hormones. Have to be under 40 degrees when you take them in, or you have to have the load re-tested.

    And uh, Dawson put his TV and Playstation in there too. HA! Sure does help the waits at the plant go faster.

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that we are still not quite legal to leave TX in the truck. I have my TX authority but not my interstate. So we have to be really careful and not get stopped. I think I have the actual authority because I can look it up online and it says I am ready to go, but I don't have the papers in my hand yet.

    enter: 1743529