Monday, May 26, 2008

Sniff! They grow up so fast...

I didn't really have much to write about, and I took a picture of our kid crop this morning. They all looked nice and clean. It is hard to believe how fast they grow. Just a couple of months ago they were little wriggly things that couldn't stand up. We were vaccinating them Friday when we brought them back from my folks, and wow they are chunky boogers.

Nothing new on the milk hauling to speak of. It is still kinda slow right now. Dawson is off duty for a few days and we will likely switch out by the end of the week. It looks like we are planning on going part of the way to Denver Friday afternoon, and also coming part of the way back Saturday night. "Part way" has yet to be determined but will probably be Trinidad. We are planning on going to church and having lunch in Texline because it is Amanda and her Mom's birthday. (both June 1) I don't know what Dawson's plans are.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Started mowing the lawn today

Well, it isn't much of a lawn, mostly weeds right now. I staked our big herd out on short leads and put them to good use around here. It is really a pretty good pasture for them because it is a mixture of different grasses and weeds. Yum! The smaller goat is the bottle baby that is off the bottle now. The other is our billy goat. The rest of them are still over at my folks house. I think we will load up a few that we are wanting to sell and take them to the auction Friday. (weather and trucking and farming permitting)

I finished planting all my milo, and it all looks pretty good so far. Expect photos throughout the summer. I also planted about 24 rows (3 acres) of dryland corn. Yes, dryland corn! I have heard of some guys trying it around and having decent results. The theory is on a good year it will make quite a bit more grain than milo, and the price is about 15% greater than milo, so that is a double bonus. The only downside is on a really dry year it is apt to not make anything, where milo will make a little most years. Also we cannot get insurance on dryland corn for obvious reasons. I wanted to experiment a little with it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vintage Amanda

I thought Amanda looked sorta retro "50s" or something with her apron fixing dinner today. So I snapped a picture.

We can't seem to decide what we want to do about coming up for Cindy's wedding. We would like to maybe come part of the way on Friday, then come the rest of the way on Saturday morning. We might all (Folks and me and A.) stop in Texline Friday night, and come from there, as that would save 3 hours, and save a hotel bill. But I am thinking right now I don't know if 3 hours would be worth saving or not. It is still something like 7 hours from Texline to Denver. Oh well, we will do it somehow.

I had a good run planting and did about 500 acres, and we got another .5 inch of rain. It was a real nice gentle rain. It will help moisten up the dry spots you always have when you plant. I have about 80 acres left and I will be done planting. (I hope)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days where at the end you just say, "whew, I am glad today is done." It wasn't really all that bad but it sure could have been better.

It started about 11:00 when the tractor I was using sprung a hydraulic leak. Of course that kind of thing always happens at 11:00am on Saturday. Most farm supply places close at noon. So I had to rush to Friona to get them to fix me up with a part. "Cha-ching" $100 right there.

Got that fire put out.....

Well, I have been planting milo and in the field I was on, I was struggling all day to get the planter to work right in the conditions I had. Plus a wheel fell of the planter. Not a major wheel, just one on one row.

Keep going without it. Tractor is almost out of fuel, not going to make it to the end of the day.

So I have to go run over to my granddad's to get some fuel. Oh, and before I do that I have to wrestle the tank up into the trailer.

"Grunt" strain "mumble, mumble, stinking price of fuel......"

Go get fuel, and while I am doing that I get a spare wheel to fix that problem. Tractor fueled up, wheel back on, all systems go. Put more seed in.

"Ring-ring" Dawson: "Hey! I am in Texico sitting in the road trying to get turned on the Amarillo high way and the clutch isn't working on the truck!!!! What do I do? I can't get it in gear! Can I start it in gear to get it off the road?"
Me: "Yes!"
Dawson: "It won't start! I need somebody to come and pull me out off the highway!"
Me: "Well, turn your flashers on and I will head that way. It'll be 20 minutes."

Man I hope he gets it out of the road before I get there....

Long story short, he calls saying he got it started and can make it out to the house. Turns out a bolt fell out of the clutch linkage and we fixed it in about 2 minutes. Whew! That was about how my day went Saturday. And besides all that Amanda went to Texline to visit her folks and aunts so it has been a really weird weekend all around.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Who wants to help put a roof on?

The insurance adjuster said we would get a new roof, and turned it in to the company. Now we are anxiously waiting on the check. We are looking pretty seriously at metal. The main reason being durability and we can install it ourselves. I am thinking it would be a good project to do when everybody comes out to visit the next time. (hint, wink, wink, hint) I will need lots of help cutting and trimming. I faxed some measurements and drawings to Mueller to get a quote this afternoon. Any suggestions on colors? We are thinking a red roof and maybe painting the shutters a complimentary color of some kind.

I like the acrylic stuff my folks and grandparents have, but I don't think I want to put that on myself. And there are some insurance issues with it. They don't want to insure it, whereas if you do metal you get an insurance discount. Weird.

Dawson is going to deliver some milk to Little Rock, AR tomorrow. Wow, our little brothers are growing up fast huh? I would be worried about him, except I have been there myself and it is an easy plant to get to. It is all interstate all the way. I expect he will leave early tomorrow and come back on Wednesday.

We don't have enough baby animals around here I guess. We are getting some chickens later this month. Expect more pictures. OK, everybody chime in: "Old Mac Brandon had a farm......"