Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Started mowing the lawn today

Well, it isn't much of a lawn, mostly weeds right now. I staked our big herd out on short leads and put them to good use around here. It is really a pretty good pasture for them because it is a mixture of different grasses and weeds. Yum! The smaller goat is the bottle baby that is off the bottle now. The other is our billy goat. The rest of them are still over at my folks house. I think we will load up a few that we are wanting to sell and take them to the auction Friday. (weather and trucking and farming permitting)

I finished planting all my milo, and it all looks pretty good so far. Expect photos throughout the summer. I also planted about 24 rows (3 acres) of dryland corn. Yes, dryland corn! I have heard of some guys trying it around and having decent results. The theory is on a good year it will make quite a bit more grain than milo, and the price is about 15% greater than milo, so that is a double bonus. The only downside is on a really dry year it is apt to not make anything, where milo will make a little most years. Also we cannot get insurance on dryland corn for obvious reasons. I wanted to experiment a little with it.


  1. Can you send a couple of those goats up here to mow my lawn? I'm don't think our zoning regulations don't allow goats, but I'm sure we could get around that somehow.....
    Good luck on the corn. I'll be interested to see how it does.

  2. Wow babe that was quite a sentence for an English major :)
    "I'm don't think our zoning regulations don't allow goats"

    Excited to see the picks of the milo and will be curious to see how the corn does. Not being able to insure sure does make it a gamble I suppose.

    Good luck