Monday, May 5, 2008

Who wants to help put a roof on?

The insurance adjuster said we would get a new roof, and turned it in to the company. Now we are anxiously waiting on the check. We are looking pretty seriously at metal. The main reason being durability and we can install it ourselves. I am thinking it would be a good project to do when everybody comes out to visit the next time. (hint, wink, wink, hint) I will need lots of help cutting and trimming. I faxed some measurements and drawings to Mueller to get a quote this afternoon. Any suggestions on colors? We are thinking a red roof and maybe painting the shutters a complimentary color of some kind.

I like the acrylic stuff my folks and grandparents have, but I don't think I want to put that on myself. And there are some insurance issues with it. They don't want to insure it, whereas if you do metal you get an insurance discount. Weird.

Dawson is going to deliver some milk to Little Rock, AR tomorrow. Wow, our little brothers are growing up fast huh? I would be worried about him, except I have been there myself and it is an easy plant to get to. It is all interstate all the way. I expect he will leave early tomorrow and come back on Wednesday.

We don't have enough baby animals around here I guess. We are getting some chickens later this month. Expect more pictures. OK, everybody chime in: "Old Mac Brandon had a farm......"


  1. Lol! I really want to get out there to see all the animals, but I don't think I'd be much use in putting a roof on. I guess I missed something. What happened to the roof to make you need to replace it? Hail, wind, age?

  2. Hail storm. See previous blog.