Friday, June 27, 2008

Red Roof Inn?

We started on our roof this morning. Before it got too hot. We actually got more done than is shown in the picture. I may work on some trim this afternoon. We are planning on painting our shutters to compliment the roof in some way. It is sort of a weird combination of colors right now.

Dawson came down to get the truck as he his going to pick up a load of cream in Amarillo and take it to Stepenville, TX. That is something new, and he will get to be the guinea pig on it. I made a hectic run from Dumas to Little Rock, then to Brownfield to Portales and home in two days the other day. Shhhh, but I was way over on my log book allowable hours of service. I don't plan on doing that again. I had some trouble with paperwork and trouble with the truck, so that made me get behind.

Nothing much happening on the farm right now. Still hot and dry.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tough times, we sold the kids.

I thought I ought to blog about something since it had been a couple weeks. It has been so dry and hot we didn't have enough pasture for all our goats. So we sold the kids a little early and of course the next morning it rained. Now we are still very grateful for the rain, and I don't suppose it hurt anything to get rid of the little goats anyway. We would have sold them in a couple of months.

Nothing new to report with the leche hauling. Except Dawson has been looking for something else to do. HA! I finally burned him out. He is still sorta on call, but might be getting a new job this week. I told him if he wanted to do something else, he didn't have to feel like he had to stay with the trucking. (I need to work on my sentence structure a little) I think the trip across Oklahoma without the a/c a couple of weeks ago turned him off a little. I have been running all short Hereford-Portales or Brownfield-Portales or Roswell-Portales loads this week. That is good in that I can be home at night most of the time. But not enough miles to suit me really. And I am really tired of hanging around at that plant in Portales. Portales isn't as bad as hanging out 14 hours at the plant in Winnsboro, TX!! That was the pits.

We finally got our insurance check for our roof. After much over the phone chewing by me. It will pay about 2/3 of the cost of the new metal roof. (Not including installation, sweat equity) We are planning to pick up the materials this week, and hopefully get it put on soon. Looking forward to everybody coming to visit later this week!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Heat, wind, and bills.

My dad had a little bit of wheat that he wanted me to cut. We jumped right in there and knocked it out right quick. It made right around 20 bushels per acre or a little less. About 2/3 of his average yield. And that was 20 times better than my wheat. HA

When we went down to visit Aaron and Holly I went with them to their small group Sunday night, and the topic was how to take a day and make it a "sabbath day" once a week. Since most folks have Sunday off from work, it is a good time for us to rest. And we should. We talked about the things that distract us on those days and I said paper work and bills keep me from resting. Well, right now I am planning on spending all afternoon doing that very thing. Looks like I need to work on this resting thing a little more.

Things I need to work on:

Pay bills.

Except the ones that are messed up, and will have to be straightened out this week.

Do mileage reports for the trucking. And get them ready to send in this week. ( we have to keep track of every mile we drive and what roads we use.)

Pay payroll taxes.

Fax a request for more coverage to my truck insurance company. (the milk company added about $20,000 to the level of coverage they require us to have.)

Put the last 3 loads we hauled in my computer.

Write down my chemical application records for this last round of spraying.

And we still haven't gotten paid on our roof damage yet. That sorry insurance company is going to be turned into the Texas Department of Insurance tomorrow.

AAAAckkkkk!!!!! I need a secretary!