Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tough times, we sold the kids.

I thought I ought to blog about something since it had been a couple weeks. It has been so dry and hot we didn't have enough pasture for all our goats. So we sold the kids a little early and of course the next morning it rained. Now we are still very grateful for the rain, and I don't suppose it hurt anything to get rid of the little goats anyway. We would have sold them in a couple of months.

Nothing new to report with the leche hauling. Except Dawson has been looking for something else to do. HA! I finally burned him out. He is still sorta on call, but might be getting a new job this week. I told him if he wanted to do something else, he didn't have to feel like he had to stay with the trucking. (I need to work on my sentence structure a little) I think the trip across Oklahoma without the a/c a couple of weeks ago turned him off a little. I have been running all short Hereford-Portales or Brownfield-Portales or Roswell-Portales loads this week. That is good in that I can be home at night most of the time. But not enough miles to suit me really. And I am really tired of hanging around at that plant in Portales. Portales isn't as bad as hanging out 14 hours at the plant in Winnsboro, TX!! That was the pits.

We finally got our insurance check for our roof. After much over the phone chewing by me. It will pay about 2/3 of the cost of the new metal roof. (Not including installation, sweat equity) We are planning to pick up the materials this week, and hopefully get it put on soon. Looking forward to everybody coming to visit later this week!


  1. Bummer about selling the goats early and then getting rain like that...good old Murphy's Law at work right there for sure. How is your crops doing? Is the rain you got going to be enough to get a crop up and going? What kind of job is Dawson looking at?


  2. We got enough rain in May to get the milo up and going. It is looking really good. I am hoping we can get a few showers along to keep it going. I am not sure what Dawson is looking at. I know one place that called him back is a foundation repairing place in Amarillo. They fix settling problems with houses. Other than that I don't know.

  3. The chicks look like they are growing up fast. Good pic.
    Glad you FINALLY!!! got that money for the roof. Hope putting that on goes good.
    I think traveling without an ac would burn me out on trucking too. That is no fun.
    We could really use some rain in Dallas too. Especially while we'll be gone. Hope some comes your way this week.

  4. I am behind the times. Did your corn make it? Glad the milo is doing well.

  5. Corn is holding in there. Needs about 6 inches of rain now! I'll put some pictures up sometime.