Monday, July 21, 2008

Amazing what rain can do

We got a good rain about 2 weeks ago, then another one last week while we were gone to Black Mesa Bible Camp, and wow how things grow!!!! (third pic. is the Great Dryland Corn Experiment, and the others are my milo)

The morning we were leaving for BMBC it started raining about 3 am. I had my granddad's RV camper and his pickup at the house because I was going to take it to stay in. So I got up right then and drove it to the highway and went to bed in the camper until 6:30 or so. Anyway it was a good thing I got it to the highway because it was pretty muddy that morning. I was a teacher and Amanda was a counselor. That week they had 9-13 year old kids. Lots of good singing and surprisingly good food.

They start with flag raising, before breakfast, then right to a bible class about 9 am. Then 10 am worship service, and another class from 11 am to noon. Lunch, rest period, testing over the morning's lessons at 2 pm, then team games and other activities at 3 pm. Supper at 6, another worship at 7:30, then snacks at 9 and bed at 10. So a pretty busy day all the way around.

The truck repairs ended up being pretty envolved and expensive. But I think it is fixed, and several related problems are fixed now. Now I need to get busy and get back on the road.

The roof on the house is done, need to do the garden shed now.

My Granddad Clark is doing very well after his surgery. He will go in for a check up Wednesday and they are hoping he will get the go-ahead to do more strenuous work. (He is supposed to do lots of resting but can't make himself do it.)


  1. Your crops look great! I bet you are glad to be back. Hope you and Amanda get rested up. Camp can be pretty intense. Maybe we will see you soon.

  2. yeah for rain! Bible camp sounds intense. I bet ya'll are worn out after that week.