Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Red, red, and more red.

I finally got around to painting our shutters. Now our roofing/repairing job is all done! Well, except I still have a bunch of scrap and leftover roof material I need to get rid of. Or put away somewhere. Oh, and I still need to use some of it to fix our chicken house roof. No rest for the weary. (hmm, that reminds me I need to post a current picture of Amanda's chickens....)

This afternoon I thought I would try to spray the field here behind the house with my handy-dandy pickup sprayer. I knew it was a little iffy on being too wet, but I thought I would try it. Got it stuck right off. All I will do now is wait for it to dry and maybe I can try it again tomorrow.

Changing topics, Firefox browser is the greatest! I have been using it for a year or so now and it is really cool. What I like the best is the ad blocker. I have been so disgusted with Yahoo's trashy singles ads, I finally found a "plug in" thingy that will block all the banner ads on there! NO MORE ADS!!!! BuuuuHAhahahaaaa!!! Take that Yahoo! Also it was getting pretty creepy because I was getting ads that were advertising Pioneer seed. I think it might have been because in my account I had that I was a farmer. Changed that to where all they know about me is my name.

Hope Brian and Estelle get the house. I am really tickled about that. It will feel good after all these years. Even though ours is a cheapy it is nice knowing it is all ours.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Off, ON, off, ON

That is how our rain works around here. We haven't had a rain since back when I took those pictures two blogs back. And now in a couple of days we have had 3" plus. And looks like more to come. I don't know what to expect on the milo, because so much of it literally died and won't come back now. What is still green will probably shoot some more little heads out and make a little. It will be interesting to see what it comes to.

Ever since I spent the big bucks on the truck repair, they did not have some things fixed completely. So I fussed at them and they fixed it Monday afternoon last week. (no charge) Now on the last trip to Kansas it started something new. Sorta missing and cutting out at certain speeds. AURGH!!! When this truck hit 1,000,000 miles it decided to be lots of trouble. Anyway we are really busy running up to KS every day it seems, and going to the Cheese plant in Clovis. I like SW Cheese much better than the place in Portales because they are much faster. 2 hrs max there. 2-3+ hrs at portales.

Amanda is going with her mom to visit some family tomorrow. She is going to interview one of her great uncles that was in WWII for the "Veterans History Project". It is a project where they are trying to interview as many vets as they can because we are losing something like 1000 per day. We will probably try to interview my g-dad sometime also. They want it on audio tapes to store.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Last of this year's sweet corn

I don't have much to write about so I am blogging about my sweet corn. (Yawn) I decided to go out today and see what was left and pick it. And since it was getting pretty hard, I cut it off the ears and will freeze it. My grandmother and mom also picked a lot out of that small patch, so we have all had lots of good corn lately.

I would post some pictures of the crops, but I don't want to start anybody to crying and feeling sorry for me. It is a totally different picture from last month about this time. The great dryland corn experiment is dead. Literally. And the milo is in pretty sad shape. 3 weeks of 95 degree temps and wind has really zapped things.

The milk hauling is picking up a little, and Dawson is driving some this weekend. So I will get a couple of days off I hope.