Friday, August 8, 2008

Last of this year's sweet corn

I don't have much to write about so I am blogging about my sweet corn. (Yawn) I decided to go out today and see what was left and pick it. And since it was getting pretty hard, I cut it off the ears and will freeze it. My grandmother and mom also picked a lot out of that small patch, so we have all had lots of good corn lately.

I would post some pictures of the crops, but I don't want to start anybody to crying and feeling sorry for me. It is a totally different picture from last month about this time. The great dryland corn experiment is dead. Literally. And the milo is in pretty sad shape. 3 weeks of 95 degree temps and wind has really zapped things.

The milk hauling is picking up a little, and Dawson is driving some this weekend. So I will get a couple of days off I hope.


  1. The corn looks yummy. Sorry about the crops. The heat does do terrible things to plants. Here's hoping for some rain soon.

  2. I always enjoyed the sweet corn later in the year. Sounds like you had quite a bit. It does look good. Sorry that the rains did not come when needed most. We are still very dry. The clouds (which we get almost EVERY day)will not drop the rain. At least we have not had that intense heat and wind. Glad you have a back up job for income.

  3. Sorry to hear about the crops....if you get some rain do you think it will work out? Looking at the radar it looked like you are getting rain right now?

    Talk to you later,

  4. I am not sure what would happen if it rained now. It is getting pretty late in the season. Nope, we had showers all around but none here.