Sunday, August 17, 2008

Off, ON, off, ON

That is how our rain works around here. We haven't had a rain since back when I took those pictures two blogs back. And now in a couple of days we have had 3" plus. And looks like more to come. I don't know what to expect on the milo, because so much of it literally died and won't come back now. What is still green will probably shoot some more little heads out and make a little. It will be interesting to see what it comes to.

Ever since I spent the big bucks on the truck repair, they did not have some things fixed completely. So I fussed at them and they fixed it Monday afternoon last week. (no charge) Now on the last trip to Kansas it started something new. Sorta missing and cutting out at certain speeds. AURGH!!! When this truck hit 1,000,000 miles it decided to be lots of trouble. Anyway we are really busy running up to KS every day it seems, and going to the Cheese plant in Clovis. I like SW Cheese much better than the place in Portales because they are much faster. 2 hrs max there. 2-3+ hrs at portales.

Amanda is going with her mom to visit some family tomorrow. She is going to interview one of her great uncles that was in WWII for the "Veterans History Project". It is a project where they are trying to interview as many vets as they can because we are losing something like 1000 per day. We will probably try to interview my g-dad sometime also. They want it on audio tapes to store.


  1. Glad you are getting rain! Sorry it came a little too late.

  2. Hope the rain doesn't ruin the crops completely!!! Have you been watching the olympics lots? H and A and I have been watching QUITE a bit :) Always fun to hear what's going on out there...your sister and I are maybe gonna live together :) yay!!!

  3. We haven't watched much of the Olympics. We don't have TV here at the house. I watched an hour or so on the TV I have in the truck.

    Glad you got the new job. If you live with Rachel, I need you to help her get organized and not try to do so much all the time!

  4. (we have a TV and watch movies but no network or cable I should have said)

  5. 1 million miles!!!! Wow, no wonder it is acting a little cranky at times. I'll be curious to see how your milo turns out as well....I hope it does better than you expect! Thanks for the update...always enjoy.

    Talk to you later,