Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Red, red, and more red.

I finally got around to painting our shutters. Now our roofing/repairing job is all done! Well, except I still have a bunch of scrap and leftover roof material I need to get rid of. Or put away somewhere. Oh, and I still need to use some of it to fix our chicken house roof. No rest for the weary. (hmm, that reminds me I need to post a current picture of Amanda's chickens....)

This afternoon I thought I would try to spray the field here behind the house with my handy-dandy pickup sprayer. I knew it was a little iffy on being too wet, but I thought I would try it. Got it stuck right off. All I will do now is wait for it to dry and maybe I can try it again tomorrow.

Changing topics, Firefox browser is the greatest! I have been using it for a year or so now and it is really cool. What I like the best is the ad blocker. I have been so disgusted with Yahoo's trashy singles ads, I finally found a "plug in" thingy that will block all the banner ads on there! NO MORE ADS!!!! BuuuuHAhahahaaaa!!! Take that Yahoo! Also it was getting pretty creepy because I was getting ads that were advertising Pioneer seed. I think it might have been because in my account I had that I was a farmer. Changed that to where all they know about me is my name.

Hope Brian and Estelle get the house. I am really tickled about that. It will feel good after all these years. Even though ours is a cheapy it is nice knowing it is all ours.


  1. Your place looks mighty nice. You did a great job. I will be waiting for the pic of the chicks. We hope we get the house too. It will feel SOOOOOOOOOO good to have a place we can call "home".

  2. Ya'll's house looks great. And I agree about Firefox. Aaron and I have used that browser for several years and it is definitely superior to IE.