Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sowing chickens, and hiking up milk mountains

I'm pretty busy now, but wanted to report in on our little trip up to Ruidoso. It was very enjoyable, the campground was really nice. Saw a bear while hiking, and the elk kept us awake at night calling back and forth. Amanda did some shopping in town Wednesday before we came home. We would like to take her folk's horses up sometime and pack into the wilderness area they have up there. Ahhh, that will be plans for next year.

Dawson is hauling milk for my father in law now. Supposed to be more full time. We will see how well he likes it after a few weeks. They have a nicer newer truck and I think that will help the over all appeal to the job. He went down to a place near New Orleans yesterday and will come back tomorrow. I think it went pretty good. I imagine he will be shot when he gets back though.

I am sowing wheat this week. It should take most of the week to get it all done. I will plant 415 acres of wheat. It will make 50 bu. per acre and I will get $11 per bu. for it. That comes out to $228,250. Of course my land lords get 25% of that so my share will only be $171,187.

Our chicks are all grown up now. We gave a few roosters to Amanda's mom, gave a few hens to my Dad, and we still have about 12 left. (I think) No eggs yet. We got the "leftovers" mix so we have lots of weird chickens. Some have naked necks, and some have tufts on their heads. Some are pretty normal looking though.


  1. You made me want to go camping. It looked very peaceful. I bet there weren't many people around since ya'll went after school started.

  2. I am also very jealous of your mountain trip. VERY jealous. Hey, glad you know exactly what your wheat is going to make...that helps with budgeting I'm sure! :-) Wow, if it were only that easy to predict!

  3. Your camping trip pics bring back lots of good memories for me. We had some good campouts in Reserve and some in Bloomfield. Thanks for the latest. Always interested in what is happening in Farwell land.