Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Old Sewing Shack (Phase 2)

*** Nothing new, I just added a picture of my sewing shack project. Wall and door install***

I don't know how I manage to get so many irons in the fire. We have decided to remodel our garden shack and turn it into Amanda's sewing shack. That will get all her oodles of sewing stuff out of our spare bedroom and she can have a little private place to do her creative stuff. We had to move all the junk out of that shed to the grain bin/storage shed and clean it out. Now I can sympathize with B and E with their move. Except this probably wasn't 1% of that job. It took us about 2 hours I guess.

Basically the job will entail ripping out the end wall and putting in a different door, insulating and drywalling, and some electrical work. Redo the floor. Not too much really. Nothing will be really fancy, just snug as a bug in a rug.

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  1. Fun! Little House number 2. :) Maybe I can talk Aaron into doing that with our shed. hmmm...probably not.