Saturday, October 25, 2008

Imagine this:

65, 8 year old girls are having a sleepover at your house. They have been drinking coffee, redbull, and straight high fructose corn syrup all evening. Also they are locked in a small aluminum walled room with lots of heavy and breakable things like bowling balls, piles of dishes, accordions, and banjos. Now imagine the inside of this room is covered in a super slippery grease, and the room moves down the road. They all hate each other, so they start a contest to see who can slip and slide and kick the walls the most. They never seem to tire of this game. When it finally gets late, you decide to catch a few winks. Lucky you, you get to bed down 6 ft. from the wall they have all decided is the most fun to kick! That was last night coming home with a load of cattle.
I am not going to haul cattle for a week or two or three, I am thinking, for the simple fact I think next week we may start on milo harvest.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hotshot, check. Rubber boots, check. Scent in a can, check.

Phil and his young girlfriend watching the sun come up.

Looks like I am all ready to haul cattle. Ok, so the milk hauling has been frustratingly slow lately. And the company we haul for has not been really helpful with the situation, so I have decided to take a different direction with the trucking. I am borrowing a trailer from my father-in-law and will haul cattle when I can. Of course there is still corn and milo harvest, with wheat re-sowing sprinkled in so I don't know when I will really get into it. I did haul one load of cattle Monday, but that is all so far. It went really well for a greenhorn like me. Part of the job description is you show up real early, wait around till it is your turn, then load your own truck. Then when you get to the feedyard you stomp around in the trailer in all the, um, fertilizer and unload your truck. BUT it does pay more than milk. About 30% more. We will see how it will go.

We had about 4 inches of rain last week, then another 1/4 " or so last night. It is really wet right now.

Amanda's grandma has been in and out of the hospital, and they have decided to put in a pacemaker tomorrow. We are hoping it will perk her up where she will have more energy. Also they are giving her marijuana to give her the munchies. You thought California was progressive, just come to Amarillo. Well, really they are pills derived from marijuana that increase your appitite. They do seem to help.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Done with the Sewing Shack

I finished up on the shed today. Except for a couple of little things that may or may not get done right away. Whew, I am tired of working on it. Since it rained 4", and all the cows have gone on strike, I didn't have any excuses to not finish it. I will build a work bench sometime, but for now I think Amanda can use the same table she is using already. I would have built it this afternoon but all my wood is pretty wet from the rain so I will let it dry and see how much it will warp. (thanks to my eternal pessimism I left the wood sitting out thinking it wouldn't rain that much)

Aaron asked about the milo crop. It varies like always. Some isn't hardly going to be worth cutting and some of it will be pretty good. It is not going to mature enough, so the grain will be light. (<50 lbs. per bushel compared to 58-60 lbs.) My average is about 2000 lbs per acre, or 35 bu. per acre. Some will probably be more like 3000 lbs., I hope. And some will be more like 500 lbs. And the elevator will give a pretty sharp discount depending on how light the grain is.

I heard some guys say they had frost on their cars this morning. And Clovis reported a low of 34.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This, that, and his brother the Other.

Inside of La Casita de Coser

Mud puddles

This is really nothing more than a typical boring update on our goings on.

This last week:
I have been helping my neighbor haul corn with my truck. We are working on a trade. He uses my truck and I will use his grain hauling trailer during my milo harvest in a few weeks.

We had our first coat giving out day at the church building. It went pretty well. We didn't have as big a turn out as we were hoping, but we estimate we gave out about 90 coats and jackets. We will have another give out day next Saturday. Maybe the word will get out.

Yesterday and today:
Very rainy and wet. 1.5" so far. It rained off and on all day yesterday and last night and today. Yay! Some of my wheat did not come up very good. I think it was because of low quality seed, too much hot dry wind, and GRASSHOPPERS! So now I will have to replant some when the weather clears out. About 150 acres or so.

Amanda's sewing shack is kinda on hold right now, but with the rain and slow milk hauling, maybe I can finish up on it the next few days.

Amanda is going to go up to Texline this week to stay at her folk's house and stay with her grandma. No we are not having marriage problems. They are trying to figure out the best thing for grandma right now.

The picture of Phil is to just show how much he enjoys rainy days. He likes getting really muddy and wet.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

No picture, what's up with that?

I wanted to mention we went to a movie this afternoon and it was pretty good. Called "Fireproof". It was one of the better movies I had seen lately. It was written and made from a 'Christian' perspective so it does get a little preachy in a few places. The first 15 minutes or so kind of made me go, "eehh, I don't know about this....." but it redeemed itself as it went along. For what it is, it is very well made. If you want to see it you better hurry because it probably won't be out long.

I AM NOT going to Clovis again until they get Prince street fixed. They have blocked lots of intersections and it is down to one lane, it is a MESS! It made us late to our movie because I couldn't figure out how to get there from where we were.

There is a great place in Clovis that refills printer cartridges. A new cartridge for our laser printer is about $100 I think, but they can refill and refurbish it for $40. Cool.