Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Done with the Sewing Shack

I finished up on the shed today. Except for a couple of little things that may or may not get done right away. Whew, I am tired of working on it. Since it rained 4", and all the cows have gone on strike, I didn't have any excuses to not finish it. I will build a work bench sometime, but for now I think Amanda can use the same table she is using already. I would have built it this afternoon but all my wood is pretty wet from the rain so I will let it dry and see how much it will warp. (thanks to my eternal pessimism I left the wood sitting out thinking it wouldn't rain that much)

Aaron asked about the milo crop. It varies like always. Some isn't hardly going to be worth cutting and some of it will be pretty good. It is not going to mature enough, so the grain will be light. (<50 lbs. per bushel compared to 58-60 lbs.) My average is about 2000 lbs per acre, or 35 bu. per acre. Some will probably be more like 3000 lbs., I hope. And some will be more like 500 lbs. And the elevator will give a pretty sharp discount depending on how light the grain is.

I heard some guys say they had frost on their cars this morning. And Clovis reported a low of 34.


  1. I think ya'll sent a little cool weather our way. 69 for a high today. Thanks for sharing! The shack looks great!

  2. Wow! What a nice sewing shack. Great job. Know Amanda will really enjoy having that.

  3. Great job on the shack. You are much better at that than I am!!!!!! I sure am glad to hear you'll at least have something to harvest this year....there for a little bit it looked like it was all going to dry up.

    Holly and I are talking about making grow need to come and help :)