Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hotshot, check. Rubber boots, check. Scent in a can, check.

Phil and his young girlfriend watching the sun come up.

Looks like I am all ready to haul cattle. Ok, so the milk hauling has been frustratingly slow lately. And the company we haul for has not been really helpful with the situation, so I have decided to take a different direction with the trucking. I am borrowing a trailer from my father-in-law and will haul cattle when I can. Of course there is still corn and milo harvest, with wheat re-sowing sprinkled in so I don't know when I will really get into it. I did haul one load of cattle Monday, but that is all so far. It went really well for a greenhorn like me. Part of the job description is you show up real early, wait around till it is your turn, then load your own truck. Then when you get to the feedyard you stomp around in the trailer in all the, um, fertilizer and unload your truck. BUT it does pay more than milk. About 30% more. We will see how it will go.

We had about 4 inches of rain last week, then another 1/4 " or so last night. It is really wet right now.

Amanda's grandma has been in and out of the hospital, and they have decided to put in a pacemaker tomorrow. We are hoping it will perk her up where she will have more energy. Also they are giving her marijuana to give her the munchies. You thought California was progressive, just come to Amarillo. Well, really they are pills derived from marijuana that increase your appitite. They do seem to help.


  1. Cattle...mmmmm! Love that aroma. Hope it turns out to be a $$$$$ venture.

  2. Your marijuana comment was hilarious! I hope all turns out well with the pacemaker. Give yourself some time and you'll go from a farmer to a Cowboy/rancher :)


  3. Hey i like the romantic dog picture. Brandon....you amuse me!!!

    So is Dawson still driving for Amanda's dad? Does he drive for you at all?

    Well, have fun with the moo-moos. HOw far do you have to haul them usually?

  4. Yes, Dawson is still hauling milk for Mr. C. He hasn't done anything for me in a month or two. I have only done two load of cows right now. First was from Elida, NM to Hartley, TX. And the other yesterday was from Dime Box, TX to Hereford. (Dime Box is about 90 miles south of Waco.)