Sunday, October 12, 2008

This, that, and his brother the Other.

Inside of La Casita de Coser

Mud puddles

This is really nothing more than a typical boring update on our goings on.

This last week:
I have been helping my neighbor haul corn with my truck. We are working on a trade. He uses my truck and I will use his grain hauling trailer during my milo harvest in a few weeks.

We had our first coat giving out day at the church building. It went pretty well. We didn't have as big a turn out as we were hoping, but we estimate we gave out about 90 coats and jackets. We will have another give out day next Saturday. Maybe the word will get out.

Yesterday and today:
Very rainy and wet. 1.5" so far. It rained off and on all day yesterday and last night and today. Yay! Some of my wheat did not come up very good. I think it was because of low quality seed, too much hot dry wind, and GRASSHOPPERS! So now I will have to replant some when the weather clears out. About 150 acres or so.

Amanda's sewing shack is kinda on hold right now, but with the rain and slow milk hauling, maybe I can finish up on it the next few days.

Amanda is going to go up to Texline this week to stay at her folk's house and stay with her grandma. No we are not having marriage problems. They are trying to figure out the best thing for grandma right now.

The picture of Phil is to just show how much he enjoys rainy days. He likes getting really muddy and wet.


  1. Wow, 90 people! That's a lot of coats. I'm impressed. That is really exciting.
    Stinking grasshoppers. Hope the next planting works better.

  2. I really liked your picture of Phil! That was a good one. So you did make enough Milo to harvest eh? What's your guess on bushels/acre...through a guess out and then you can see how close you are in a couple of weeks. Did you only have milo and no cotton? I think that is what happened...well and the experimental corn but that doesn't really count.

    Talk to you later,