Sunday, November 23, 2008

And you think your problems are big

I haven't felt much like blogging lately, because it seems like my stuff is pretty small potatoes compared to what others in my family are dealing with. Sometimes it feels pretty narcissistic writing all about yourself on the internet for all the world to see.

Anyhoo, we finished up milo harvest about 2 weeks ago. I am glad to be done with that mess. It sure didn't turn out very good (yield). Thank goodness for high commodity prices. "High commodity prices can cover a multitude of farming sins." 1 Aggie 2:5 After that I hauled some cattle and it has gone pretty well. I think I am going to keep trying the cattle deal. I have done all the things wrong you can do wrong so now I am all ready to be a professional. First I:

Was 5 hours late getting the cattle to the feed yard, result: everybody mad.

Then when we got there, I had mis-counted by 2, result: everybody mad.

I have had a cow get down and not be able to get up in the trailer, result: had to drag her out at the Crum ranch, but she is up and walking so we will probably take her back where she came from. The cow's owner is good natured thank goodness.

I started unloading the cattle at the wrong feedyard last week, result: lots of embarrassment for me. No lasting problems other than in the cattle trucking industry I will be known as 'Wrong Ramp Embry'

I fell into Mr. Crum's trailer washout lagoon. Went completely up to my knees and elbows in green, fragrant water. Filled my rubber boots up with the juice also. Result: a good story to tell, and really smelly feet and hands.

The other night I didn't close the gate when we unloaded, result: got a chewing by the min-wage nightwatch person.

So as you can see there isn't much left I can do wrong other than turning the trailer over. Right now Dawson took the trailer and hauled one load with Mr. C. and they are going to take it to Amarillo tomorrow to have the slick floor worked on. So I have a few days off. I could call the milk company but I just don't feel like hauling milk.

You see with the milk hauling, you get paid the same per mile no matter how many miles you run. About $2.60 per loaded mile. A 100 mile load will pay about $260. 200 miles = $520, etc. Where as a cow load like I did last week from Nara Visa, NM to Clayton, NM which is about 65 miles paid $490! With cattle hauling you get paid for the time it takes to do the work, not just miles. The shorter the haul the more per mile. At about 200 miles it will change to a straight per mile rate, which is about $3 right now or a little less.

For Thanksgiving day we are probably going to have a meal at my folks with Amanda's family also. Mr. and Mrs., Jonathan and Samantha and Conner, and maybe Ty. I suppose Rachel and maybe Dawson, but I am not sure if Dawson wants T-giving dinner with his boss.