Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'll have a blue Christmas...

It seems like this week is going by pretty slow without Amanda around. Yet I have still enjoyed the holiday. We spent quite a bit of time over at my Clark grandparents today, and had a good meal. Amanda is supposed to be back from Ohio Sunday night.

I have decided to break a little news flash. Some of my small blog audience may already know, but Amanda and myself have decided to get into the foster care program. More specifically the foster to adopt program. Supposedly when you are in the foster/adopt program, they try to match you with children that are more likely to stay with you permanently.

We have decided to do this for a few different reasons. First, neither one of us is that set on having our "own" children. I am not sure why that feeling is not really there, but it isn't. We have both been somewhat inclined towards adoption through the years, and since we both agree it was an easy decision really. It has been a little difficult to decide when to start. We have been researching about it for several months, and now it looks like we are ready. It will be pretty intense because you have a class every week for 8 weeks or so. And they really don't like you to miss any. (I think that is to weed out those that aren't really committed) Oh, and the classes are in Amarillo every Tuesday night at 6:30, yuck.

We will have to be CPR and first aid certified, back ground checked, drug tested, and of course all the home studies, with fire and health inspections. We will request children from about 1 year to 4 years old, and right now probably any races. Now the kicker is this, we can't actually start fostering until we have been married 2 years, which will be in April. So, hopefully we will get all set up just in time. Classes start January 8th I think.

I know five couples, all fairly closely that have had pregnancy/birth difficulties of some sort, and that really concerns me, and makes me feel more assured about the direction we are taking. Also Amanda and myself want to do something that we can feel like we are really helping out in our society.


  1. That is great! Keep us updated on how it all goes.

  2. I'm very excited for ya'll and very excited for the kids who have been brought into this world into troubling circumstances beyond their control and who will now have the opportunity to grow up in a healthy, happy, and loving environment. I think this is a wonderful thing that does indeed make more of a difference than we can possibly know.