Monday, January 26, 2009

Typical Sears.....

Years ago after many upsetting and frustrating episodes with Sears appliances and their service, my family fell out with Sears. Then through the years I have slowly worked my way back to the dark side, and started thinking they were mostly, OK. My change of attitude had more to do with Craftsman tools than anything else. You break one, take it back and they give you another one free. No questions asked. (hand tools only, power tools are another hassle) I love Craftsman tools!

About 18 months ago Amanda came over to the dark side with me and bought a Kenmore sewing machine. She bought the extended service plan because it included two free cleaning/adjustments. One per year. Well, we missed the first year, and after all her Christmas sewing the last couple of months, she decided it was time to cash in on the free tune-up on her machine. We dropped it off and all the associate asked us was:

Associate: "What is your last name?"

Us: "Embry, is that all the info you need?"

Assocate: "Yep" and like a flash he was gone.

After stopping at the store last week to check on it, and finding it wasn't back yet, we started calling this weekend. After Amanda put in about 20 frustrating minutes on the phone talking to their stupid service department headquarters in-who-knows-where probably Egypt or India or China or Omaha, I decided to call the local store again. I decided to trick the phone system into letting me talk to a sales associate in Clovis. "AH-HA gotcha! Let me talk to your manager!"

Come to find out they had sent her machine off and they sent it back because they DIN'T HAVE ANY INFO ON IT! Go figure! 3 weeks and nothing to show for it.

Typical SEARS!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wish I could sign a couple of executive orders

Aaron and Holly for months now have been agonizing over their unborn child. Doing everything possible to make sure she makes it into this world healthy and alive. She even has a name already. For an agonizing 6 months they have been seeing numerous doctors and praying constantly for their strength. The whole family is looking forward to bringing a new child into this world, and all the opportunity she will get to experience.

It took less than a week for our new President to sign an executive order freeing up federal money that will undoubtedly be used to pay for abortions.

This is the change we have all been looking for I guess.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How to get from Point A to Point B, Murphy's Law part Deux

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Not only did we have to deal with Murphy on Tuesday, he rode with me down to New Orleans on a milk run. First it is about 9,000,000 miles to New Orleans, or something like that. Before I left I looked up the milk plant on Google maps, and even checked out the street level views, which by the way is REALLY cool. I thought I had it all figured out and there wouldn't be any trouble finding this plant. Turns out I missed it on my first shot into town by 1 block. Then I messed around 45 minuts being lost. See map for a somewhat accurate portrayal of my tour of downtown N.O.

Well, when I finally got to the plant and put in my normal 2 hr wait, the plant employee said, "Where is yo' scale ticket?"

"My what?"

"I's can't unload yo' without a scale ticket. Gotsta go to the pilut out of town."
(Pilot truck stop for you non Cajun speakers)

Rrrrrrr after talking to another driver I find out I have to go 30 MILES out of town to get weighed and come back! (Stop and go traffic both ways) I can't believe this, but have learned that is the way it is in the milk hauling business. Everybody is supposed to know everything, but nobody knows anything. So my grand scheme of getting there about 9 am and leaving by lunch turned into an all day ordeal, and leaving town about 4 pm. What a mess. NO more milk hauling for me.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Remember, be safe this New Year!

My question is this, do you think they had to add the warning after some bad feedback?