Friday, January 23, 2009

Wish I could sign a couple of executive orders

Aaron and Holly for months now have been agonizing over their unborn child. Doing everything possible to make sure she makes it into this world healthy and alive. She even has a name already. For an agonizing 6 months they have been seeing numerous doctors and praying constantly for their strength. The whole family is looking forward to bringing a new child into this world, and all the opportunity she will get to experience.

It took less than a week for our new President to sign an executive order freeing up federal money that will undoubtedly be used to pay for abortions.

This is the change we have all been looking for I guess.


  1. Yes this is so sad. Wait tell the Supreme Court nominations come into play. That bothered me more than anything this political season...the fact that nobody seemed to care that whoever was President would be determining who runs the highest court in the land for the next two or three decades!

    Aaron F

  2. His reasons for allowing abortion are extremely impersonal which makes me angry. Someone's life is not an impersonal decision.