Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now to Practice

If we don't flunk the CPR and first aid training Saturday, we will be fully trained parents. It has been a long two months, with all the trips to Amarillo. Jonathan and Samantha (Amanda's sis and b-i-l)have been generous enough to let us stay with them some and even eat with them. This weekend they are going to let us take their son and practice being parents! Saturday evening we plan to go to a EMS fundraiser and go up to Texline for the weekend to see Amanda's folks and let our nephew Conner see his grandparents.

The roofing project got put on the back burner due to windy weather, a head cold, cow hauling, and general laziness. I finished last night at dark. Now to just clean up the mess. It was actually hot yesterday with no wind and temps in the low 80s. We had to open windows in the house to cool it off last night. I am NOT going to run the a/c in FEBRUARY! (Bill from Michigan will probably marvel at the thought of our weather right now!)

Is it just me or has Blogger been a little buggy lately? Slow loads, trouble leaving comments, or today my blog posts didn't want to show up for a minute.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Half started or half finished?

I have one side torn of and the new steel put on. It looks pretty good IMHO. It is a lot harder putting it on than I was expecting because of the pitch. I can't stand on the new roof because it is too slick, even with rubber soled boots. I had to lay a ladder down on the roof and anchor it with a rope so I could work on it. Very awkward. Now I have to get myself all psyched up for the other side.

The foster care teacher lady came by the house yesterday and gave us a thumbs up for our initial home inspection. Good to have that out of the way.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our foster care classes

I have had several folks here locally ask how the classes are going, or even asking if we have started yet. So I realized that maybe I needed to update the folks on my little blogosphere.

We are gaining about 1/2 inch per week. That is 1/2 inch of paper work and training material every week. Georgia Pacific has to be very pleased with the Dept of Family and Protective Services. We had a class Tuesday and Wednesday, so we stayed in Amarillo overnight. I feel like I am learning a lot, and there is a lot about the foster care system I had never realized. Most of what we have learned up to this point has been about the emotional and relationship aspects of being foster parents. How to deal or not to deal with birth parents, behavior problems to expect, developmental delays to expect, your foster care team, etc.

Next week we have another Tuesday-Wednesday class and it will be discipline. Tueday: what you can't do, Wednesday: what you can do. Later this month we will do all our first aid and CPR training.

We have done our fingerprints, and fire inspection, and we have most of our paperwork turned in. (birth certificates, licenses and such) Our trainer is coming to look at our place next Thursday, and we are supposed to have all our stuff like locks, and safety stuff ready. We need to buy a crib and some basic baby stuff soon because we are supposed to have that ready also.

Feb 28th is the last class, and after that they will transfer us to the Hereford office and hopefully there won't be so many trips to Amarillo after that. I'm not sure what will happen after that because we will get our own "home developer" and that will be who we work with. I really think that will be about all the training, and we will have to wait until April until we are certified Foster Parents.

Monday, February 2, 2009

This Old Barnhouse Phase 1

I finally bit the bullet and decided to put a new roof on the old barn. The weather has been nice and I haven't moved the truck in a week. So today I called the metal place and got a quote and ordered the new roof. It is going to be the same color and style as our house. By the way steel prices have come down I am guessing about 20% since we did our roof last summer.

We are not really sure if we are still going to do the barn to house conversion, but one way or another if we are going to save the old thing it needed a new roof. When it did rain it would get awfully wet inside. It will be a good investment in the long run I hope. My back is already sore from just the little bit I have done in the picture. A couple of rotten places in the decking will have to be replaced, but mostly it will be a simple tear off and replace.