Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now to Practice

If we don't flunk the CPR and first aid training Saturday, we will be fully trained parents. It has been a long two months, with all the trips to Amarillo. Jonathan and Samantha (Amanda's sis and b-i-l)have been generous enough to let us stay with them some and even eat with them. This weekend they are going to let us take their son and practice being parents! Saturday evening we plan to go to a EMS fundraiser and go up to Texline for the weekend to see Amanda's folks and let our nephew Conner see his grandparents.

The roofing project got put on the back burner due to windy weather, a head cold, cow hauling, and general laziness. I finished last night at dark. Now to just clean up the mess. It was actually hot yesterday with no wind and temps in the low 80s. We had to open windows in the house to cool it off last night. I am NOT going to run the a/c in FEBRUARY! (Bill from Michigan will probably marvel at the thought of our weather right now!)

Is it just me or has Blogger been a little buggy lately? Slow loads, trouble leaving comments, or today my blog posts didn't want to show up for a minute.


  1. Roof looks good. Hope the CPR certification goes good. We had the option of taking a CPR class but it was too much money on top of the general birthing classes we took. It is 84 degrees here today and our house is about that hot. I'm with you though. No AC in February. No way!

  2. I absolutely HATE CPR certification classes!!! I have to have them from time to time and I always dread it. But I'm impressed at how quickly you have completed all the requirements. I hope having Connor for a weekend doesn't change your mind! :-)

    I've been having trouble uploading pictures and also a video thing I made with the girls book club. I've been trying and trying to upload and it just goes so slow it always times out. So don't know if that is Blogger or just my internet connection.

  3. Brandon-

    You're a "fully trained" parent before Holly and I! :)

    The barn looks great. When I saw the pic I said how in the world did you get that pic and then I look over and you have a poll about it LOL!

    I'm looking forward to the answer.

  4. Not sure which way of becoming parents is harder (from the woman's point of view). You sure have put in the hours in training. I think we would have been banned from being parents if there was a law that said we had to know and be as experienced as you will be. Good luck. Have a great wkend with the neph.

  5. Roof looks good! You are right...80 degrees is just a dream up here in the North...0 F last night the lake is still making ice for gosh sakes! It looks like upper 40's later this week. We won't be running the A/C anytime soon...Have fun being parents! There is nothing like it in the world