Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Auto-steer, cool technology

In the past several years GPS technology in agriculture has really caught on. Like most new technology the price has dropped considerably from it's introduction. Now I have jumped on the bandwagon with auto-steer. For about 7-8 years I have been using a GPS unit that only "guided" me through the field with lights helping me do a better job spraying or plowing. Now I bought another different (used) system that will actually steer the vehicle for me. They have several brackets that will fit different applications, but I had to build a bracket for my sprayer pickup.

Once it is installed, you go to the field and lay off a pass. Everything after that is in the system and all you have to do is turn your equipment around at the end. Once you are going pretty straight on the next pass, just turn it on and let it do all the work!

In this video I am spraying wheat. If I could I would like to show a whole video of me turning around, getting lined up, and turning the auto-steer on. But I can't do all that and hold a camera at the same time.


  1. Wow! That is crazy! Pretty soon cruise control really will mean you can just punch a button and take a nap while you're going down the road. :)

  2. This stuff is like sci-fi coming true. Wow! Just crazy what is available these days. Will have to make sure and watch the video at work. TOOOOOO long to download here. Brian will be interested in the new tech.

  3. I like your new 'look'. Neat that you got that auto steer unit. I had some hired men that needed that back in the day. Or maybe not...they probably couldn't have lined the unit up anyway. Do you blog while you are watching the tractor steer itself?

  4. Ha! That is funny!

    No, we don't have a laptop but may get one in the future. Too much stuff to watch when I am spraying anyway. But when I am plowing it will be quite a change. I might have to bring a book to read!