Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time for baby goat pictures.

We are starting to have baby goats. It has been going pretty good so far, except the first nanny had triplets and one died. After all the stress of having three big babies she was not too interested in letting the other two nurse it seems. The first couple days we had to hold her while the kids nursed. She has finally started letting them eat now. We had two more sets of twins today. They were uneventful births. One more nanny is showing signs of "nest making" so we may have another set today. (twins I hope)

It is amazing to me how God puts so much instinct in those little creatures. Today the weather was perfect for birthing goats and not 15 minutes after they take their first breath they are wobbling around, getting on their feet and trying to nurse. I was just out there right now and 3 hours after they are born they are butting and kinda trying to play with their siblings. Amazing.


  1. Baby goats are so cute! They sound like a lot of work though. Hope all goes well with the rest of the babies. Big thumbs up on your new blog banner pictures. :)

  2. I did not realize you were still in the goat raising business. Good luck with the rest of the births, all live ones. Your comment on Holly's blog cracked me up. Who knows, Holly may be doing some of those ideas (exercises)you suggested by next Sunday.