Saturday, March 7, 2009

Y'all come on in for breakfast

I don't have any idea how many miles I drove last week but I was on the truck every day.

I just wanted to tell an interesting story from Friday. We were supposed to load cattle for some folks down at Portales, NM. It turned out to be a family I had played music with years and years ago when Dawson and I were first learning how to play. Talking with them they remembered Dawson much better because he was so young and could really pick good. They have gone on to perform more on a professional level and they are GOOD! They do festivals and fairs all summer now.

Also when we were waiting and waiting for the NM brand inspector to come, they had the whole roundup crew and all the truck drivers come in for breakfast. It was quite a spread, biscits, bacon, sasuage, gravy, O.J., coffee, etc. Pretty cool family.


  1. I always am touched by such gracious and natural hospitality like that. Some people are just so generous and make it seem so comfortable. It's too rare in the world today! But I'm glad there are a few people still out there whose example we can learn from!

    Papaw sent me an email about something you rigged up for your spraying truck with the GPS or something. I think you should blog about that! Sounds very usual! :-)

  2. P.S. Enjoyed the "Heart You Own" song on here!

  3. Not terribly ingenious on my part, as it is a "steering assist" system that works off GPS. My contribution was some $$ and fabricating a bracket to mount it. I have another bracket ordered for my tractor. I might blog about it sometime and post a video of it working. It is definitely cool. Even Amanda says so.