Thursday, April 23, 2009

Orthopedics, a new skill learned.

We had our goats over at my folks house, and one got her hoof hung in an old tree stump. It broke her leg close to the bottom. We splinted it the best we could, and if it doesn't get infected probably will be OK. This particular goat is still pregnant and should have her kid(s) soon. Not a good time to be breaking bones.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Got a little rain, hauling um...fertilizer

We got a little rain this weekend. All last week I have been hauling manure for my neighbors. Good work, but boy is it stinky. Tuesday and then Friday I am supposed to haul some cattle down to the Decatur/Ft. Worth area. One of those days we are going to try to slip over to Carrollton to see our new little cousin! That is the plan anyway.

Our wheat crop looks terrible. It was so drought stressed, then we had a blizzard a couple weeks ago that did a lot of damage. Too cold too late in the season. Only time will tell how it will come out.

We have 9 baby goats now, with a couple young nannies that are a little late. We are not sure when they will kid out.

Finally posted a new audio file: 'On the road again' Fits pretty well huh?