Thursday, April 23, 2009

Orthopedics, a new skill learned.

We had our goats over at my folks house, and one got her hoof hung in an old tree stump. It broke her leg close to the bottom. We splinted it the best we could, and if it doesn't get infected probably will be OK. This particular goat is still pregnant and should have her kid(s) soon. Not a good time to be breaking bones.


  1. Poor goat. If her leg heals up well maybe we'll get you to be Maddy's orthopedist. Haha. Actually since all our orthopedic stuff is free I guess I am satisfied with using the professionals.

  2. Hope your Nanny and Kids make it. Too bad about the accident. You look like you may be one of those old time country docs.

  3. Brandon...just wondering when you are going to entertain us with another blog post? Your interesting stories have been missed!!!