Friday, July 24, 2009

Lazy blogger

I haven't been blogging very good lately. It seems like we don't have much to report on. You would think with two kids I could find something to write about.

We went to Black Mesa Bible Camp for the third year in a row last week. We took my granddad Donald's RV so we would be able to take the kids with us. That worked out great, lots of room and quiet, a little bath tub, etc. I think they enjoyed it, except for the fact most of the other camping kids were older. Mostly 8-13 year olds. I taught class and Amanda helped with laundry and various other run around tasks. She normally is a cabin counselor but couldn't do that this year of course. I enjoyed my students this year. I was very impressed how hard those 9 year old boys worked, considering it was a summer camp. One thing about BMBC, they are going to really emphasize learning the Bible. That is the only reason I feel like helping there every year. It was extremely hot the first part of the week, but cooled off later on.

We have been finally getting some good rains. It is actually sort of wet right now, it is supposed to dry out and warm up later this week. It was so cool Wednesday I needed a light jacket to ride the 4 wheeler.

The only update I have on the kids is they are doing great. We got D. a haircut and that was a screaming fit, but he looks a lot better. No more panic attacks over bugs or flies now since they like running the fly swatter. M. is doing better on the potty training, she has actually gotten out of bed several mornings in a row now and went to the bathroom without us telling her too. That was a huge breakthrough. Getting to watch the Elmo video helped on that. We can't really say how long they will be with us, but it looks like it will be at least past the month of August, so anybody coming to visit then should be able to see them.


  1. I have missed your blogs so glad to see the update! I'm glad the kids will most likely be there when I get out there in a couple of weeks! Also glad that ya'll were able to still go to camp this year.

  2. Hey, we are thinking about stopping by Mema and Papa's and staying the night on our way home. 5th of August so I guess that is a Wednesday. Anyhow, maybe we will get to see the kids if we're lucky.