Saturday, August 1, 2009

Corn Harvest

We have been munching on corn out of the garden for a couple weeks now. There wasn't a huge crop this year. It was too hot back earlier and the ears are a little small, and some didn't pollinate very well. I picked the last of it today and fixed it all in bags. That works better for us since we don't have much freezer space. Also it is easy to just whip a bag out and microwave it. We have more than we can use so I will give some away at church tomorrow. I hope they appreciate the work cutting it off. It is really yummy sweet corn. Almost like candy. "M" was watching me fix it and I would let her have some to eat now and then. I said, "Yum, this is almost like candy." She promptly said, "That's candy? I want some candy."


  1. Boy does this stuff look DELICIOUS!! Been a long time since I have had fresh garden corn.

  2. Good to see ya'll this week and hope you had a great camping trip. Sure was fun to meet the kids. A big Yum Yum for the corn.