Friday, August 14, 2009

My latest welding project

Quite a while back I mashed the bed on my pickup. I'm not going to go into details other than the estimate to fix it was $2300. We have a $1000 deductible, and I had been thinking about a flatbed. Everybody that has one says they like them so I built one. I have been working on it off and on the past week or so. Finally got it mostly finished today. I still want to put some pinstripes down the sides and I am going to put a paint-on bed protector stuff on the deck. It was a fairly easy project, it just took a lot of time. These are cell phone pictures so the quality is so-so. We had a little rain shower this afternoon.


  1. Really cool. I think it is so neat that you can just come up with these very cost friendly solutions to problems that could make you cough up a lot of dough otherwise. Can't wait to see the completely finished product.

  2. This is really great. Your talents are many. Way to come up with a way to save some $$. Hope you enjoy it. Glad you got a shower of rain too.