Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Burp, now that is how we celebrate a holiday.

Nothing says Thanksgiving like overindulgence. We had no less than 4 holiday meals in the course of a little more than a week. In a way I feel a little guilty spending so much time stuffing my face. Is that all holidays are for anymore? That and buying lots of junk we don't need?

We started out a week early with a community meal at the Pleasant Hill fire station. I enjoyed it except for the fact me and the kids picked up a cold while we were there. Somehow Amanda managed to not get it to the same degree I did.

Thanksgiving day we made a quick stop at my Dad's parents in the morning to see them and the Fletchers and Ecksteins. A very brief visit sadly. "Places to go, things to eat..." Had a dinner with my parents and mom's parents. On to Texline for supper with that part of the family. And one last dinner on Friday at Dumas with my mother-in-laws family. We had a great visit with everybody. And back to the original topic, I couldn't help feeling very thankful for all the family we have, and especially thankful our kids will become part of our family.

What is the deal with Facebook? It is interesting looking at all the connections everybody has and where everybody has gone. But it isn't really a blog, and not as customizable as myspace. Just wondering what the attraction is?

Cold here and we have had a little snow on Sunday. Supposed to be cold and unsettled the rest of the week. I'm pretty much all caught up farming, I will hang around the house more and bug Amanda.


  1. I am feeling rather full after reading about your t-giving meals. I had PLENTY of food myself. It is nice to have family close enough to visit on holidays, but sometimes there can be tooooooo many in the same 100 mi. radius which makes for a very fast furious crazy holiday time. But it is still FUN. Now get ready for another go around in a month!

  2. It was great to see ya'll for even the short amount of time. Guess you'll look like Garfield by New Year's Day for sure if you keep going at that rate.
    As for facebook I think the attraction is that it is a short and sweet way to keep up with people you used to know. If you want to look at their stuff you can, if not just skip over it, and you always have a way to contact them if you need to get in touch. Downside is that people post a lot of stuff no one cares about. Me included I'm sure.