Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cabin fever, ice, and getting stuck!

You wouldn't believe how nice the weather has been the past week. Other than some windy days, it has been warm and nice. Yesterday I was working on the big ole Steiger in my short sleeves! Today look:Typical, typical TX weather. I always get cabin fever when the weather is like this. Knowing I can't go out and do much makes it worse. I took a bale of hay out for the cattle this morning and nearly got stuck several times. We got about 1/4 inch of ice first last night that coated everything, then sleet, then snow. So under the snow it is really slick. It looks like you guys in Dallas maybe in the bull's eye after we are done. We are lucky, apparently there are a lot of people without power this morning, including my Mom and Dad. Our electricity has blinked all morning but is still on. When I went up to check on the cattle I saw a power pole that was about broke off. I don't want to call the power co. this morning because I am sure they are deluged with calls. I will call them maybe tomorrow if the weather is a little better.

I guess everybody knows by now about the adoption news. I'm glad we went ahead and postponed the hearing till Monday. Safe thing to do.

I haven't been blogging much (obviously) since my 2 or 3 blog readers are pretty well updated with our news otherwise. Maybe I will take some pictures of my hydraulic valve block repair job I am doing on the tractor. Oughta impress everybody to pieces.