Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chores I don't like doing

Since things are a little slow right now, I have to make myself do jobs around I have been putting off. When I am busy it is so easy to say, "oh, I'll do that later when I have time." Things like cleaning out outbuildings, picking up trash and junk around the place, and picking up rocks. Up on one place I farm there was an old barn or something in one corner years ago. Now there is just old scraps of metal and lots of big chunks of concrete. I have been going by and looking at those rocks all winter thinking I needed to gather them up. Today I did, and you know what?, it probably didn't take an hour.

I have been going around and around in my mind, trying to decide if I want to keep trucking. I haven't hauled diddly the past 6 m0nths, and I'm not sure what the next year will bring. I kinda need to decide pretty quick because my insurance and registration is coming due the end of the month, and it is expensive. I don't want to pay it if I decide later it just isn't going to be profitable. I asked Amanda's dad what he thought it would be like this year, and he said he thought it was still going to be pretty slow and cheap for a while. Right now I feel like I will probably go ahead and 'sign up' for another year and see how it develops. My insurance quote was a little cheaper than I was expecting so maybe I won't have to do much hauling to come out on top. Worst case scenario would be to pay the insurance and registration then have the truck seriously break down on me.


  1. Lot's of chores like that around my house too. The inside of our microwave has been awful for a few weeks. I finally made myself clean it yesterday and I bet it took all of 15 minutes.

  2. It's always good to have a back up in terms of income. Do understand your dilemma though. Boy does it still look muddy out there.