Monday, February 8, 2010

Showers, snow, then slop.

Just some pictures of what things look like around here.

I wanted to share a typical conversation with Miss M.

M: "What are you doing Daddy?"

Me: "Reading a magazine."

M: "That mag-zeene has letters on it! ♫ A-B-C-D-E-F-GRee.♫ A is for Amanda. I like my Amanda, he nice. Do you like my Amanda?"

Me: "yes"

M: "Me too. She wears big girl underwear. I wear big girl underwear. Grandma wears big girl underwear, do you wear big girl underwear?"

Me: "no"

M: "Cows don't wear big girl underwear, cows are stinky, they need bath. Do you want to give the cows a bath? They need a bath. They can't go way up in the air. [raising hands up in the air] Cows ride in the big ole truck, they don't want to be in the truck. That's too bad. I like riding in the big old truck. Dan___ likes riding in the big ole truck. It goes, Rrrrrrrrrrr. It noisy. You need to wash your big ole truck. It's dirty. ♫Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are ♫, mama called the Dr. and the Dr. said, ewww that's yucky! Two little monkeys jumping on the bed, bumper-bumper Dr. said, no more monkys jumping on the bed. I don't jump on the bed that is a no-no! Are we going to church?"

"No, it is Monday, we just went yesterday."

M:"Yesterday??, I like my Sherry. Do you like my Sherry?"

Me:"Yes, who is Sherry?"

M: [pause, with contemplation] "Your mama."

Me: "That is right, she is my mama."

M: "And Dan__'s momma, and mama's (amanda's) mama, and....."

Me: [exasperated] "No, just my mama."

M: "He my grammy Sherry."


M: "....and Dan___'s grammy Sherry, and Connor's grammy Sherry...."

[more exasperated] "No, she is just yours and Dan__'s grammy Sherry."

M: "I like my Sherry[no pause]Where'd the cows go?! There isn't any cows in my room. They can't come in here. They stinky. They make poops. They need diapers." [actually was discussed] I don't need diapers, I'm a big girl. Dan__ isn't a big girl. He a big boy. Where your phone go!? I have a phone. You want to talk on my phone? [hands me a wood block]


M:"I'll call Aly. [case worker] Hello? Hello? OK. I... OK Hello? OK. 4..5...4... OK, Where are you? OK. OK.. Hello?.....Hello?......OK....Bye. That Aly. Do you want to talk to Aly? He coming here. ♫E-F-G-H-I-J-K.......squishing up a baby bumble bee ♫....

Me:"OK you need to go play in your room now............[sigh]"


  1. The top of my head just blew off. What I have to look forward to.

  2. Holly told me I had to come and read. Super funny. By the way I love the pics you have at the top of your site. The pic of you guys riding horses is great!


  3. This is outstanding!!! You have lots of fun ahead. What a hoot!

  4. I'm sitting in my office laughing my head off at this and kids keep coming in looking at me crazy! You were my entertainment for the day!