Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thanks El Nino

It started out today raining, then it snowed a while, then it rained, right now it is snowing again. The orange blob on the radar has been sitting over us all day. Our road is so sloppy we can't hardly get down it. Thinking we should have bought an extended cab 4wd now, instead of the one we got. Oh, well it's a good reason to stay home.

We are really needing to get some cattle off the wheat, but there is no way we can get trucks in until it either freezes hard or drys out. (the cattle guy doesn't want them to get too big) This wheat is going to boom though when we do get some warm weather! Seems like if we ever get some rain early in the spring it will yield pretty good.


  1. Too bad that "slop" comes with the moisture. I am so glad you are getting it. We are dry! Hope all continues well for a great crop.

  2. Been raining here since yesterday afternoon. Not cold enough to complicate things though. I don't have a dirt road to try to get down but I will use the rainy weather as an excuse to stay home and not do anything anyway.