Friday, March 12, 2010

Mmmmm, the smell of money.

They are both green, both don't smell very good, both have value, you don't want it in your mouth. But you keep money it in your pocket. Sloppy wheat pasture manure, no. Today I hauled 3 loads of wheat pasture cattle and it was so messy and sloppy and stinky. I had it all over my coveralls, on my face and in my hair. When I got done it was so soupy and sloppy in the trailer I just pushed it all out with a broom. I wish I had a video of that to show you guys. Not to gain sympathy, but because I find it a little humorous. And for the great yuck factor.

I wasn't done getting dirty after all that. I decided since I was filthy, and my tractor hydraulic parts came in I would go ahead and fix that. That wasn't stinky, just greasy and oily. Working above my head so the oil tended to run down my arms into my armpits. I did get that done too. It was a busy day.

Gonna go to the cattle auction in Muleshoe tomorrow to take a goat to the sale, and maybe buy a bunch of cattle to put on some wheat and "graze it out". Cattle prices are zooming up, and wheat prices are going down. We'll see if it works out.


  1. Did Amanda hose you off with a pressure washer before you got within a certain range of the house?
    After reading this post, changing dirty diapers suddenly doesn't seem like too big of a deal.

  2. What a day! I bet you were wishing Mikali was right about cows needing diapers. UGG!