Thursday, April 1, 2010

News Flash, we're having triplets!!!!!!!!!!

You did know I was talking about goats, right? If not- April Fools! We have had three sets of triplets so far and only one death so far. 3 nannies and 3 sets of triplets. Wow. In one set one was pretty slow to get up, but she is fine now. And today I had to help this nanny by pulling kid #2. Kid #3 was in a hurry and they were both trying to come at the same time. So far they look good.

Amanda has been quite the prankster today. Last night she made Jello in our cups for breakfast so it looked like juice. I didn't even notice until I was trying to take a drink. Really tricked the kids too. Froze their cereal to their bowels too. And she sewed a sleeve shut on my flannel shirt I wear around the house, and put a sticky note on the bottom of our mouse. I did manage to get her to put salt in her coffee after a couple tries. He, he, he. And the day isn't over yet.......

Learning to say "good"

Ever since M has been here she says doog for good. I was just trying to work with her to say it right. Say Goo, Goo, Goop, Goop, Goop, Goop, Goober, Goober, Goop, Goop, Good, Doog. Arrrrgh!