Monday, May 10, 2010

Random thoughts on a passing scene

"I'm your uncle, not your mommy and daddy."

It has been over a month since I last blogged. Go ahead and whip me with a wet noodle if you wish.

There has not been a whole lot worth writing about around here, the kids are doing ok. No sickness or serious behavior issues. D. got potty trained the past few weeks. He has only had two accidents in the past couple weeks I think. M. still says doog for good. We didn't really make much of a deal over it since we figure when she goes to kindergarten the other kids will make fun of her and she will probably say it right then.

Cattle are still growing and eating wheat. The season is about over as the wheat is getting pretty short and dry. They will all be gone here in a couple weeks. I have had two die since I bought my bunch. One the first day or two when we had a mini blizzard, it got one. Then a while back one came down with pneumonia and I didn't get her medicine quick enough, if that would have even helped. One is not too bad to lose, but 2 out of 45 head is too much. Still glad I did buy some.

The wheat is looking pretty rough with the hot dry winds we have had. Much better than last year, but all the moisture we had last winter is GONE! Looks like we will get to harvest it all barring any hail storms. Wind today is terrible!

I have been trucking some, and helping a neighbor swath wheat down to bale it. Yesterday and today have been the first in a couple weeks I have had time to work on a few things on my own farm and rest a little.

Since I am just bouncing around topics, I sure have been cynical and depressed about the future of our country lately. I'm needing something good to hear about. Everything from Uncle Sam spending like there is no tomorrow, screwing up our health care system, our education system a mess, more and more entitlements for everybody, the E.U. going broke and riots breaking out, it all paints a pretty bleak future. Did you hear about the kids that wore the t-shirts with the US flags on Cinco de Mayo out in California? That whole deal turned into a mess. And really brings to front and center how much of a mess our immigration problem is.

Seems like us Conservatives are like a man waving the red flag to try to stop the train barreling down the track about to crash at the bridge that is washed out. Meanwhile our Engineer in Chief just pushes the throttle wide open!*

*Disclaimer. Our previous Engineer in Chiefs and their cronies have had plenty of political clout and time to pull back on the throttle, and have not.