Thursday, July 1, 2010

Corn is tassled

We will have sweet corn to eat in 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Yay! The weather has really cooled off from what it was a few weeks ago.

Last weekend was quite a whirlwind with the wedding in Abilene and all. Amanda went to the Panhandle Professional Writer's conference in Amarillo on Friday. The kids and I spent that afternoon going to the zoo and playing at parks. We also got to see the Crum grandparents and had ice cream. They got so spoiled that day. Saturday morning Amanda went back to the conference for the morning programs while we went and ran around town again. (Mostly getting a flat fixed on the car and strolling around Lowes looking at stuff) Amanda had entered a novel she has been working on in the conference contest and got 2nd place in her category! You send them the first 10 pages and a synopsis months beforehand and have to wait to hear how you do. Since there were more than 10 entries in her category she will get a cash prize to boot.


  1. Congrats Amanda!!!!! I am expecting to see you on the Best Sellers list soon. Glad the kids enjoyed the time at the zoo. Nice memories!

  2. Way to go Amanda! That is impressive. Glad we got to see ya'll last weekend although seems like you never really get to visit when there's a wedding going on. I am going to have to find an excuse to show up on your door step in a couple weeks. Fresh sweet corn...mmm mmm mmmm!

  3. Hmmm!! If I make it out there end of July/first of August I may actually be there just in time for some of that corn!!! Even more motivation! :-) Enjoyed seeing ya'll last weekend. Hey, I got a new laptop and webcam is built in so let's try Skype again soon! :-)

  4. That is awesome about Amanda!!! It was a lot of fun seeing u guys a couple of weekends ago. I hope there is more of that before summer's out. Is it still raining there a lot? It has been crazy here