Sunday, August 22, 2010

Changing underwear, Daniel style.

Do not be alarmed there will not be any photos or illustrations. Hopefully a funny narrative.

"Daniel, go put your pajamas on."

(He knows the routine, and mom digs out the pajamas and clean underwear and puts them on the floor. Wait a few minutes to let him do it. Go check on the progress. I check and see he has his pajama shirt on right, pants on inside out an backwards. Oh, well that is good enough. Oh wait, where are the dirty underwear?)

"Daniel, did you put on clean underwear?"

"Uh-huh!" (I'm not stupid, Dad -tone)

"You put the clean underwear on?"


"Where are the dirty underwear?"


(he's looking around for them. I'm thinking, "You only took them off 2 minutes ago Bubba." Wait a minute his pants look funny. Amanda says, "check to see if he has two pairs of underwear.)

"Daniel! take your dirty underwear off before you put the clean on!"

"OH!" (now you tell me! -tone)

Well, maybe one photo just for good measure.