Monday, October 25, 2010

In the cattle business neck deep

We had such a good year last year with leasing the wheat pasture, I decided to try cutting out the middle man and have more of my own calves this winter. I will still lease out the wheat in NM, but on the TX farms I will just have mine. It is amazing how fast you can spend a gob of money buying those critters. I can get pretty nervous about it if I get to thinking about it too much.

I already have one group of 92 calves put out a couple weeks ago. We had quite a time getting them settled in, as I am starting them on milo stalks. The rattling rustling stalks kept them worked up and they would not stay in all afternoon. I chased them around and put them back in for 3 hours. Wow what a mess. About dark they settled down. I kept counting and seemed to be one or two head short. It was hard to get a good count because they keep moving and lay down in the stalks. Well, I figured if I was one short either he was dead somewhere, or he would turn up later. He turned up last night. I had a neighbor that was looking for one of his that was missing, found somebody else's, and when he was returning that one, lo and behold mine was at that other guys place! Funny deal all around. Good to have neighbors you can trust.

I have 75 more that I will go get later this week. Here I just finished the fun task of making ear tags for them. I could get a stamp made, and have them printed, but for the few I have I don't want to spend the $ on the stamp right now.


  1. Wow! You have a lot of cows. You didn't let Mikali and Daniel help you with all those tags? Hope it all goes well.

  2. You going to get some hay in case
    you have to feed them during a
    snowy spell? Hows your wheat doing
    since that last rain?


  3. Neat! except for the part about having to chase them around til dark. Hope they stay where they are supposed to. That's a lot of cows! or as Maddy would call them "booooo's".

  4. Brian, we already stocked up on hay. Baled wheat and haygrazer. I keep it out all the time anyway when they are on wheat. They need the roughage to help fight bloat. Also gives them something different to eat, so they will eat more to gain weight faster. Generally when you get them settled in and used to a hot fence they don't get out unless the weather gets really bad. (blizzard) The rain last week did a lot of good. The wheat is looking really good right now. A little thin where it dried out in spots, but 90% looks good.

  5. Funsy, funsy, as Papaw would say!! At least you can haul them yourself. Hope it doesn't get to be too much of a headache this winter and that it all pays off nicely. What are beef prices like these days?