Monday, March 28, 2011

No wheat harvest this year

No rain since August. Warm dry, then frigid dry, then more warm dry does this to wheat:
The crop insurance company has already appraised and condemned the wheat. I have already plowed up about 300 acres. This is about the worst I have ever seen wheat look in March. Usually you can maintain some growth up through heading, but this just flat died.We have one patch of wheat that is still green, so I am going to lease it to my neighbor and finish grazing it off. Maybe salvage what we can.

On a lighter note, we had a good time in Dallas two weeks ago. Yikes, I have been goofing around not posting about it. Amanda really enjoyed the Quilt show, and we all really really enjoyed spending time with Aunt Rachel and Holly, Maddy, and Tam. These are a few of the better pictures I have.

Estelle said she got a weird email from my blogger account? Anybody else getting weird emails from me?