Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeding our little garbage disposals, um, I mean kids

As most of you know our kids have got to be the least picky kids in the world. We have not found anything they will not eat. It is very rare for them to leave food on their plates. I think it is funny and lots of fun to experiment sometimes. As I have mentioned before, after thousands of years of civilization child raising is still a big experiment anyway.

After a round of mayonaise and mustard spread on crackers the other day, I asked Mikali if she would like mustard on her oatmeal in the morning. Of course she said yes. The next morning, no problem, didn't even blink when she ate it. Of course Me Too ate some too without reservations.

Today it was peanut butter on crackers with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on. Bubba even tried Parmesan on a banana. No problem.

Anybody have anything you want me to try to feed them?

Finishing up it seems like Mikali finally decided she did not like raw chopped onions. It took her two or three tries before she was sure. I bet if you gave her some with ranch dressing to dip them in she would eat them though.


  1. LOL!!! I think Bethany will be able to join the GD brigade. She ate part of a dill pickle last Fri. eve. Only shivered on the first bite. I think these kids are kin to Mikey "he eats everything". Nice to have NON-picky eaters.

  2. This is hilarious. But how nice not to have to revolve your lives around what the kids will or won't eat like a lot of people do. I was never very picky either growing up (as you know my main dislikes were eggs, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and iced tea....now I do eggs and tomatoes, so the list is even shorter!) BUT I think I would have had to draw the line at parmesean bananas and mustard oatmeal!! Ha ha!!

  3. Gee...I wish I had one of those garbage disposals. Oh wait! I do, but my garbage disposal's name is Aaron. Ha Ha.