Friday, June 17, 2011

Corrals, part 2

I have been making slow progress on the corrals. The post-hole digger I was using digs a 9" hole, which requires lots of cement to fill it back in. Two bags of quickcrete at least, at $4 a bag. $8 a post. With something like 80 posts to set that would the one.........borrow 10............ uh... A LOT of concrete. I knew this before I started so I ordered a 3" auger that would be almost the same size as the posts. I had to make an adapter to fit it to the old digger, and it works great. Now the hole is about 1/2" bigger than the post, and I use masonry mix to set the post. I can probably set a dozen posts with one bag of masonry mix.
Once I get the hole dug, I have to vacuum out the loose dry dirt.
Drop the post in, a little cement mix, add some water.

Yes these posts are angled. This is the working chute "lead up" and the sloped sides help keep the cattle from turning back. Cattle generally put their heads down when they turn and keeping the sides tight against their sides helps prevent that.


  1. Glad you found/created a way to use less cement. Brian just helped to dig up an iron post that had been set with at least 3 bags of cement. This was in Brad and Cindy's back yard. I am not sure if I am exaggerating or not. hahaha Brian finally got the whole booger lose, but had no way to lift the thing out. He was estimating the weight to be 150 lbs! What did these people do or have in mind for this thing? Glad you are coming along with your project. I would have never thougth about some of the posts needed to be slanted. Very interesting info for a city gal. : )

  2. That is a lot of concrete! Glad you don't have to use so much. Looks like it is coming along and I'm very interested to see the progress through the summer.