Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making slow progress, Corrals Part 3

It is still very hot, so I have been working on the corral project a little most mornings then doing other stuff in the afternoons. Since there has been no rain, I suppose there is no hurry about getting the pens ready. I won't be buying cattle for a few more months I think.

The trusty ol' Lincoln portable welder, yes that is hand crank. You start it like a model T Ford. Believe it or not, being a 1940s model, it actually starts pretty easy and runs good as long as you have fresh gas in it. Very good welder. A person new to welding would learn quickly using this particular style. It is DC instead of AC so the arc is much more stable and easy to start/hold. These old welders bring good money. I have seen a few on Craigslist that are in good shape bring $4000. This one might be worth half that, but I bet it didn't cost $500 new 60 years ago.
The "war wagon". It is handy to have all the welding supplies in a trailer and I can leave it at the house and not have to haul it around in my pickup. (I did not paint the wheels red)

I hope it looks like I have done a lot, it feels like I should have more done. Slow tedious work for sure. I'm glad my wages are cheap.

I weld these premade clips on the posts to hold the cable. We use cable for cattle pens because you can buy used cable out of the oil patch for el cheapo. Not as good a pen as all pipe would be, but about 10% the cost. Most smaller cattle respect it, and will stay in if you keep it tight. I wouldn't want to keep bison or bulls in with it. Crazy cows would probably go right through too.

The main event. I found a nice used squeeze chute. It needs paint, but other than that it is in perfect working condition. New this particular model would cost roughly $2500.

Mikali is ready for her shots and branding.

We are going up to Black Mesa Bible Camp next week. I think it is supposed to cool off some next week. And I think they have had some showers up there so I am expecting it to be nice.


  1. AH, so that is how you control your children. haha Looking great and have a good camp session. Hope the rains start coming. We have had showers the past TWO days. Wow! That's a record I think. : )

  2. Ready to hear how camp was. Hope it was not too hot up there.
    I think they need to do a whole episode of Antiques Road Show out at your place. :)