Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another 1930s style drought?

It probably wasn't a good idea, but I read the book "The Worst Hard Time" by Timothy Egan. It is a book about the folks that lived through the Dustbowl and some of the reasons it happened. So I got on a kick wanting to know more about it, and we rented a couple DVDs from Netflix about the Dustbowl, and now I am worried. Texas also went through a very similar drought in the 1950s too, but the economy was much stronger so it wasn't quite so epic. Either way I am starting to believe we are about 18 months or so into another very similar dry period. We have had hotter and drier weather than any other period since we have been keeping records for this part of the world. If we don't get significant moisture before the end of this calendar year, it is very unlikely we will get 'caught up' for a long time. We just don't get much moisture in the winter, so it will be NEXT spring before we have a better chance of getting back to 'normal'.

Lake Meridith north of Amarillo is the same as completely dry. (.01% of capacity)
We have only had 2-3" of rain in the last 12 months.
All time record high temps have been set all over the plains.
Most consecutive, most total days records set for +100 temps.
Trees that have been around for 60 years are dying, in spite of being watered.
Not ONE acre of dryland cotton will be harvested on the High Plains. And very very little in the costal bend region. (If any, not sure)

On another note, I wanted to remind or tell everybody that I am going to try to do a better job posting audio of Bill's lessons on our church podcast website. A couple of you mentioned that you thought Bill did a good job, and you can download mp3 files of his lessons on Podbean Might be good to listen to on the way to work or whatever.

I apologize for the terrible audio quality, but I am going to try to tap into our PA system and get a more dynamic recording. And I am really bad about remembering to shuffle the digital recorder back and forth each week, upload on the computer, edit, then post, but I pinky swear to be more consistent. Let me know if you are listening too.


  1. It is kind of scary on the drought situation. The thing to remember is that we are not in control. God has brought people though many times of such trials. I bet the documentaries and such have been interesting. I did not know you were recording the sermons. I may to check that out. I listen to some sermons, books, etc. at work when I get super bored and need something beneficial to listen to.

  2. Half way thru the book The Worst Hard Time. Praying it breaks soon for Texas.

  3. That book has been on my reading list for several years and I haven't ever gotten it read yet. It sounds interesting though. Maybe next summer....
    It would be nice to get some rain as we start cooling off. Hope that y'all will get some very soon.